Is Peanut Butter Gluten Free?

Peanut butter has been used as added flavor to many kinds of food you love. This is why most people love to enjoy their peanut butter, however for some of you that have celiac disease, you should ask is peanut butter gluten free? Actually the peanut butter when consuming in their purest form which only peanuts with little seasoning such as salt, then it would be gluten-free. But still, you should be very careful when consuming it, especially when they already mixed with another ingredient.

Is Peanut Butter Gluten Free? Does Peanut Butter Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Peanut Butter Gluten Free?

Peanut Butter Exposure To Gluten

Nowadays manufacturer has been more concern about their manufacturing process so they could avoid gluten contamination during the making and make sure that their product will pass the gluten-free standard of 20 parts per million. However some of you might still feel sick when you consume their product, this might be because of your sensitivity towards the gluten even in the smallest amount. That is why you might want to search for gluten-free peanut butter which contains smaller standard in 10 parts per million. When the manufacturer gets this standard, then they would be more cautious in the making process so they would be most free from any gluten.

Peanut Butter Free Gluten Brand

For you who not sure to find peanut butter which does not contain gluten, then we could try to give you some brands that are gluten-free such as:

  1. Adams Peanut Butter: this brand say that they create their product by using natural ingredient which means that they only use peanut and salt without any other ingredient, that is why they said that they do not add any other ingredient that contains gluten. However, this brand still does not use any gluten-free label on their packaging so we would not be sure if they are able to fulfill 20 parts per million standards. We also do not know whether they use special machine to process it.
  2. Crazy Richard’s Peanut Butter: this brand only use peanut in their ingredient, they do not even use salt to flavor their product. They also said that their product is free from gluten to 20 parts per million standards.
  3. Goober Peanut Butter: when you want to make peanut butter and jelly you might want to use this brand since they already add jelly to the product they create. They said that they do not add any other ingredients to their product, but they still could not fulfill the gluten-free standard.
  4. Jif Peanut Butter: this brand has creates their peanut butter so it will be gluten-free; however, there is some product that is not gluten-free. So when you want to purchase this brand, you should search for a gluten-free label to make sure that they really the gluten-free version of this brand.
  5. PB Crave Peanut Butter: this brand said that all of their peanut butter product is gluten free even the one that flavored in cookie flavor because they have met the standard of 20 parts per million.

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