Is Polenta Gluten Free?

Celiac disease people need to maintain their gluten-free diet well by avoids foods that contain gluten. Of course, it is not easy because they need to list different meals which have no gluten in it at all. Some people struggle to find meals that match well with their diet; they are afraid that they will consume gluten accidentally.

Is Polenta Gluten Free? Does Polenta Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Polenta Gluten Free?

What about polenta? Is polenta gluten free? As people who suffer from gluten sensitivity, we need to know for sure whether our meal is gluten-free or not like polenta. To answer this question, we need to know more about this food. Therefore, let’s take a closer look.

Polenta and Gluten Information

What is polenta? Polenta has another name that is corn porridge or cornmeal. Polenta does not make from grains that contain gluten like rye, wheat, and barley. Those three grains are the sources of gluten protein which you need to avoid if you suffer from celiac. Since polenta does not make from these three grains, then we can say or conclude that polenta is gluten-free. Celiac disease people can enjoy their meal with delicious polenta.

Polenta is gluten-free and right for your gluten-free menu list diet. Many restaurants served polenta as an alternative for those who can eat wheat grains and for vegetarian. Although sometimes people say that the taste of polenta is too bland and boring, but with a little creativity in the kitchen you can make delicious polenta according to your taste added with extra special ingredients that gluten-free.

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Watch Out for Cross Contamination in Polenta

Just like any other gluten-free ingredient and food, unfortunately, polenta can also become a subject of cross contamination. This cross-contamination might happen during processing, and even when you prepare the polenta in the shared kitchen. For example, if the polenta handled in a shared facility with grains such as wheat, barley, and rye, then the possibility of cross-contamination will be higher.

Polenta cross contamination also can happen during polenta preparation in the shared kitchen, whether your own kitchen or in the restaurant. For example, if you use the same appliance which already touched with gluten ingredients before and use it again to cook the polenta, then it will get gluten cross-contamination. If you prepare polenta in your own shared kitchen you may can avoid the cross contamination by telling your family. How if you order polenta in a restaurant? Surely, you cannot see directly what happening in the kitchen when the chef prepares your order, right? That is why; you need to ask the chef whether he or she prepare the polenta with appliances that already touched with gluten food or whether polenta has extra gluten ingredients to add some taste.

Check Your Polenta Labels

Always be careful when purchasing your polenta package. Check whether the polenta package has some label like “processed in a shared facility with rye, barley, and wheat.” Moreover, if you want to assure yourself that the polenta which you buy is gluten-free then only purchase polenta with gluten-free label on it.

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