Is Ranch Dressing Gluten Free?

Whenever we eat salad or another vegetable, we surely find some dressing to make it even better. This habit has been done by many American since dressing is the only way to make the salad tastier, and one of the most popular dressings that they use is ranch dressing. This dressing is early introduced by Hidden Valley Company which makes the original version since they are the one who creates the ranch dressing. That is why the most original ingredient would also be found on this brand.

Is Ranch Dressing Gluten Free? Does Ranch Dressing Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Ranch Dressing Gluten Free?

Information about Ranch Dressing and Gluten

According to the Hidden Valley Company, they only use garlic, salt, buttermilk, herb, and onion to create the ranch dressing. When we see the ingredient, then we could see that they made dressing without any ingredient that contains gluten. That is why we could say that ranch dressing is gluten-free. Moreover, the Hidden Valley Company has also stated that most of their product does not contain gluten. So you would not have to worry if there would be anything inside the ranch dressing.

Moreover, the Hidden Valley Company has also said that if they use any type of grain that might contain gluten they would clearly write it on the package, that is why when you still not sure with the ingredient, then you should try to check the package of ranch dressing that you want to purchase. Actually it is very easy to find ranch dressing that is gluten-free; all you need to do is to search for the gluten-free label because the Hidden Valley Company has said that they will test their product so they could use the gluten-free label on their packaging.

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However Hidden Valley Company still in the process of testing their product so not all products will have a gluten-free label when that thing happened, then all you need to do is to see whether their ingredient have something that might contain gluten. When they do not have anything that contains gluten, then we could say that they are a gluten-free product. However when it is still not enough for you, then you could try to contact them directly so you would know for sure whether the product you want to purchase is gluten-free.

But what you should be cautious is the ranch dressing that has contained flavor, that means the ranch dressing is mix with another ingredient to make the dressing to taste better. For this kind of ranch dressing, there would be bigger possibility of the ranch dressing would contain an ingredient that has gluten in it. That is why saying again it is very significant for you to check and double check the package of ranch dressing that you want to purchase.

Other ranch dressing that made by other company such as Kraft will also disclose their entire ingredient including anything that might contain gluten inside because they have a very tight policy regarding this thing. That is why you might be also able to find ranch dressing product that is gluten free from this brand.

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