Is Potato Bread Gluten Free?

We all know that celiac disease people need to avoid gluten protein that comes from grains. Grains such as wheat, barley, and rye are the three main sources of gluten which will cause a bad symptom of celiac disease people or gluten sensitivity. People who suffer from celiac always struggle to find good foods that free from gluten as well as have a delicious taste. They need to find menu list or products in the market which guarantee to be gluten-free.

Is Potato Bread Gluten Free? Does Potato Bread Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Potato Bread Gluten Free?

Bread are one of the main dishes that we always eat. There is a lot of breads available, but for celiac disease people they need to find breads that free from gluten. How about bread which made from potato flour? Is potato flour gluten-free? Since potato bread are not made from grains that contain gluten like wheat, we can say that potato bread is gluten-free. You can add potato bread to your gluten-free diet menu list.

Information about Potato Bread and Wheat Bread

Even though potato bread is gluten-free, but you still need to be careful since in the market there also potato bread that mixed with wheat flour. Wheat flour is made from one of the main grains that become the sources of gluten. That is why wheat flour definitely contains gluten. If the bread only made from potato bread without any extra gluten ingredients, then you can consume it safely if you suffer from gluten intolerance.

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Potato bread compared with wheat bread has more fiber and safe protein. It may be the best option not only for a gluten-free diet but also for a regular diet. As for the nutrition and calorie between wheat bread and potato bread, they almost have the same amount of calorie and nutrition. Although, the calorie and nutrition in the potato bread are higher than wheat flour, but they have slight differences.

Always check the label and the ingredients of potato bread if you want to purchase it at bakery stores since they may add other gluten ingredients. Moreover, you can also try to bake your own potato bread; there are lots of potato bread recipes over the internet which you can choose.

Watch Out for Cross Contamination

Potato bread that made only from potato flour without any extra gluten ingredients are gluten-free, but it still can be the subject of cross contamination. For example, if you go to bakery stores, sometimes the potato bread will be placed near or side by side with wheat bread in sliced form. If you see this happen, then you should be careful because the potato bread will get gluten cross-contamination. Moreover, cross-contamination may happen if the appliances used to prepare potato flour also used to prepare wheat flour which contains gluten then, of course, the potato bread will contaminate with gluten.

If you do not sure if the bread you purchase is gluten-free, ask the bakery stores whether they made the bread in separate facilities or appliances. If you see the sliced potato bread put side by side along with other breads, then you should avoid it.

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