Is Quinoa Gluten Free?

As people that hypersensitive to the gluten, we should find another source of food that could be used to replace the wheat which the main source of gluten. Quinoa is one of the examples of another source of food that you could use. Is quinoa gluten-free? To answer that we should look more deeply into the source.

Is Quinoa Gluten Free? Does Quinoa Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Quinoa Gluten Free?

The history of Quinoa plant

You should know that the quinoa is actually very ancient grain plant that has been used for a lot of time since the Inca time it used to grow on the Andes Mountains and taken primarily because of its edible seed. But now we could actually find this plant grown in Canada and United States, some South American countries have also grown this plant on their land.

The plant itself is actually not a really grassy plant but they more likely to be related to spinach, beetroots, and tumbleweeds. However, this plant contains very high protein and could be planted in the dry soil since it does not need a lot of watering. The best part of this plant is the seed that is gluten-free. This is why to answer the first question; we could say that yes, quinoa is gluten-free.

Why should we eat Quinoa in our gluten-free diet?

Quinoa is different from other gluten-free diet food, and most people will recommend this seed inside your diet. There are many reasons why you should eat it for your diet because there are many advantages that you could get.

  1. Complete protein: unlike other gluten-free food source that lack of protein inside, quinoa is considered to have high protein level. And the protein inside this plant is very complete since it has all 9 essential amino acids that rarely found in another plant. This type of protein could not be produced directly by our body; this is why we could get it from another source such as our food. However, people with hypersensitive to gluten might not have the freedom to choose their food; this is why they could not get the entire 9 proteins. But by consuming quinoa, you will get them all.
  2. Mineral and vitamin: another thing that you could get from this plant is mineral and vitamin which also important for our body. U.S. Department of Agriculture has issued their research in Standard Reference Nutrient Database which stated that with every cup serve on cooked quinoa; you will get 2.8 milligram iron, 118 milligram magnesium, 318 milligram potassium, 2 milligram zinc, 13 milligram sodium, 31 milligram calcium, 77 microgram folate, 0.2 milligram vitamins B2 (riboflavin), 0.2 milligram vitamins B1 (thiamine), 0.2 milligram vitamins B6 (pyridoxine) and 0.8 milligram B3 (niacin).
  3. Antioxidant: quinoa is also known to have a high level of an antioxidant such as quercetin, kaempferol, and phytonutrients. The quercetin will help you to lower your blood pressure and also recover your allergy effect. Kaempferol is known to get rid of any free radical inside your body which would damage your cell. This is why it is currently research for a Cancer Cure.

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