Is Rice Gluten Free?

Gluten is a substance that you could find inside the grain of wheat. It is very dangerous for someone with celiac disease or someone that allergic to wheat. That is why they need to avoid eating any form of gluten and seek other food with high energy. One of the foods that contain high energy so it could fulfill your healthy level is rice. But sometimes a person asking is rice gluten free? There are many answers to that because you could find many kinds of rice out there so you should choose your rice very carefully.

Is Rice Gluten Free? Does Rice has gluten in it or not?

Is Rice Gluten Free?

Rice as the solution for gluten

Sometimes there are rice that is gluten free, so you do not need to afraid when consume it. But you might not know what kind of rice is that. This is why we will provide you with the list of gluten-free rice.

Basmati rice: this rice is long grain rice with nice aroma which becomes its signature. This rice is commonly imported from India or Pakistan which produce this rice in their farmland.

Jasmine rice: this rice is also long grain type with little aroma like jasmine this is why people likes to eat this type or rice. The rice itself is imported from Thailand as their producer. You could find two varieties of this rice; the first is brown jasmine rice which is the condition when the bran of the rice is still attached to the grain. Then when the bran has been taken off from the rice it would become white jasmine rice. But for most people, especially one from Southeast Asia, they prefers to eat the while jasmine rice variety.

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Japonica rice: this type of rice comes from the seed of Oryza sativa plant and Oryza glaberrima plant. You could find this kind of rice from Asia and Africa.

Black rice: this is the type of rice that comes from Oryza sativa L. plant which could be found in Thailand and Indonesia. This rice also contains many kinds of vitamin, iron and contains high level of anthocyanin antioxidants on its bran that you could never find the same level at any other food.

Brown rice: for this rice, it is made from the whole grain of rice. This is why it would be easier to spoil since the bran contains fat that you could not find on white rice. When you eat it, you will find nutty taste inside which comes from this chewy rice.

Calrose rice: when it is hard for you to find imported rice, then you could try to find Calrose rice because it comes from California. This medium sized grain is the one that consumed by 90 percent people that consumed rice in America.

Arborio rice: for more European taste, you could try to search for this rice that comes from the town of Arborio in Italy. It is short grain type of rice that you used to find when you eat risotto, which is why it is safe to eat risotto.

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