Are Cheerios Gluten Free?

There are many kinds of American breakfast that everyone loves such as cereal; this is why most of us have our favorite cereal such as Cheerios. But for you who has celiac disease you might not be able to eat cereal at all since they contain wheat which also the source of gluten. Then are Cheerios gluten free or not? To know more about this, you would need to look deeper in what is Cheerios made of because some of you might have miss information about it.

Are Cheerios Gluten Free? Do Cheerios have gluten in it or not?

Are Cheerios Gluten Free?

Information about gluten inside the Cheerios

You should know that the Cheerios contains two main things that would be dangerous to your health if you have celiac disease. The first one is starch, although not all starch is dangerous but the starch usually used to make Cheerios is taken from wheat starch and you already know that wheat contains gluten, thus makes the starch also contains gluten. from this first information only we could already say that Cheerios is not gluten free.

But to make our information even complete then let us see the second thing which is oats. Some of you might be informed that oats are gluten free. Well, that could be true but sometimes that also could be false. It is true that the oats itself are gluten free because the plant does not contain any gluten protein inside.

However, what makes the problem is how the oats are grown, because the oats are also a type of grain, it is often planted side by side with wheat or even barley grain. Moreover, they would also use the same mill to process all of the grains produced in the same land. Then they would also store the grains in the same warehouse. When we look at these three facts we could then say that the oats would not be gluten free anymore because they have been exposed to gluten from the grains that are process together in the same facility. Going back to the Cheerios after we see this second fact we could easily said again that the Cheerios is not gluten free.

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What should we do to avoid Cheerios that is not gluten free?

After we know that Cheerios is not gluten free, and then it would be better that we avoid Cheerios at all cost. But you should not have to worry since you could actually use other product that has the same taste and nutrient as Cheerios but it is not contain any gluten. There are actually many kinds of cereal that is gluten free. You just need to search for a manufacturer that specialized themselves in making gluten free product. That way we could be sure that they would only use oats that do not contaminated by gluten when they are grown. Moreover, when the producer has already committed to producing gluten free food, then we could make sure that there would be no contamination that could happened on the factory where the cereal is made. That way we could completely avoid any gluten.

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