Are Chocolate Chips Gluten Free?

Everyone surely loves chocolate that is why you might love to use chocolate in many kinds of shape and type from bars to chips for many kinds of food that you want to eat. But for someone who has celiac disease you should be very careful when using anything on your food because you need to know well that the chocolate you want to add is indeed gluten free. That brings out the question are chocolate chips gluten free or not, since you could not use it when they are not gluten free.

Are Chocolate Chips Gluten Free? Do Chocolate Chips have gluten in it or not?

Are Chocolate Chips Gluten Free?

Information about Chocolate Chips

When you see chocolate chips you surely know that in most pure state the chocolate chips would only includes chocolate inside their ingredient. When we see this, we could say that most pure chocolate chips would be gluten free. However in commercial production chocolate chips there would be added ingredient such as artificial colorant, artificial flavor, and even natural flavor. Those kind of added ingredient may or may not be made from something that contains gluten. That is why you would not be too sure whether the commercial production chocolate chips are gluten free or not.

How to Find Chocolate Chips that is Gluten Free

That is why when you want to find chocolate chips that do not contain gluten, first you need to check whether on the chocolate chips packaging contains gluten inside their ingredient. When some added ingredient is used inside the chocolate chips, then you should contact their manufacturer to ask what kind of added ingredient that they use to make sure it is gluten free or not. Yes, it might be tough thing to do, but that is one thing that you should always do for everything you want to eat.

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When you want to have it in easy way, you could try to find chocolate chips that has gluten free label so there would not be any doubt when their ingredient is gluten free or not. However you should also make sure whether their gluten free standard is suitable for you, because for most sensitive individual they would need to have tighter gluten standard.

Some company that has stated that their chocolate chips are gluten free is Hershey’s and Nestle. However those two companies does not apply gluten free label to their packaging. But you should not have to be worried because Nestle has tight policy in declaring their ingredient openly. When there is an ingredient that contains gluten, then they would make sure to write it in the packaging. One thing that we sure is that butterscotch chips made by Nestle is not gluten free and the company has say so.

You might already know that chocolate chips are used as ingredient in food that mostly is not gluten free. That is why when you want to make sure that the chocolate chips you use would not be contaminated by gluten, you should never use it to made something that contains gluten because the gluten might transfer inside the chocolate chips packaging.

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